Unique Baby Gifts

The only thing more adorable than babies are baby gifts! I’ve been to a bunch of baby showers, and there is nothing like the oohing and aahing that goes on! Maybe it is the fact that babies are so cute, or maybe it is because regular items are even more adorable when they’re tiny! While personally I think it is always best to get items off the registry so the parents can get the items that they want and need, I do think there’s nothing wrong with adding a personal touch to your gift!


Something parents don’t always think to ask for but always appreciate is a handprint kit. There’s all kinds of kits out there but you can assemble your own, too! If the parents are huge sports fan, get them something that goes with the team or sport – a baseball or soccer ball, for example. You can find a plastic display case at sports memorabilia stores, and washable ink at most craft places. Tada – baby’s first autograph! If mom or dad are big on yardwork or gardening, you can find special plaster mixes to make a handprint lawn paving stone.


Another thing parents rarely get enough of is picture frames. There will be lots of cute pictures of their new little darling, and who thinks to run out and get a bunch of frames? You can find something cute online or in a store. You can also get a simple clear plastic frame. Anything that matches their home décor or the nursey will work great. You can embellish the frame by painting, using decoupage techniques, washi tape, or even scrapbook stickers. A simple handmade touch will make a very simple and useful gift into an item parents would be proud to hang on their wall.


Even if you’re buying something big, like nursery furniture, it is easy to make it special. For a dresser, you can do something like add contact paper in a cute pattern to the inside of the drawers, or you can switch out the knobs to something more fun. If you’re good at sewing, knitting, or crochet, you can make anything from a fitted crib sheet to booties to clothing or a jacket to include with your furniture purchase. It’s really up to you and what you want to contribute!


A good baby gift is practical and cute. Everybody knows that babies need diapers but who wants to unwrap a huge box of them? That’s why diaper cakes came about – Diapers are so much cuter in cake form. So even if you aren’t great with crafts or have many creative ideas, you can always find a special way to present or wrap your gifts.


There are so many cute ideas online. Think about the parent-to-be and the things they are interested in. Or check out the rest of their wishlist to get ideas on their décor and nursery theme. From there, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with an idea you can be proud of and the parents will cherish.