Preserving Memories

My crafting club got together last night to plan our next big group craft. We wanted to do something on memory keeping, but everyone had differing opinions on the best way to do so. There’s a method for every skill level, budget, and available time, so there was a lot to discuss. We finally decided on scrapbooking, because it seemed easiest with a group.


Memory keeping is really important. Lots of people take pictures, and that’s a great way to keep memories alive. But once you take the photos, what do you do with them? Most people don’t do much with them. The photos stay on a memory card or in the cloud. Maybe we look at them every once in a while but maybe not. That’s too bad, because there are so many ways you can enjoy those pictures! Here are a couple of our favorites to get your ideas going.


Sure, pictures in a frame are great. But a photo album is a simple way to preserve all the great photographs you took. You can print them out at home, at local stores, or from an online service. There are all different kinds of photo albums out there – from the fancy to the budget-friendly. You can use plastic sleeve pages or those old school archive sticky pages. There are plenty of places online where you can create your own photo book (or have one designed for you) printed and mailed to you. Whatever you choose, it will be worth it! You can make a book that spans generations or just a special trip you don’t want to forget.


Other people like journaling. That can be a great option as well. Some go simple, just jotting down a sentence or two about their day, in a special notebook or a calendar. You might print pictures and include them, use colored ink, or maybe add a little keepsake of the day. There’s plenty of stickers and layouts to help you brighten up your journal, no matter which way you go about it.


Another popular choice is scrapbooking. Again, this is something that can be really complicated – just walk down the scrapbooking aisle at nearly any store and you’ll see what I mean. There are different kits, books, papers, tapes, stickers, printers, embellishments, the list goes on and on. You can go as simple or as in-depth as you want, don’t let those rows and rows of shelves filled with products intimidate you! Some plain paper, your photos and keepsakes, along with some adhesive, is pretty much all you need. Your imagination can take it from there! If you don’t have the patience (or budget) for that, there are digital scrapbooking apps and programs that are a lot of fun to use.


Personally, I think it just comes down to what works for you. How do you preserve the things you never want to forget? Let me know in the comments!