I Love Craft Shows!

As a crafter, there’s one thing that I am guilty of – buying too many crafting supplies and crafting-related items. The rest of my family tolerates it – partly because they love me (including my big, crafty heart) but also because they know whenever they have a presentation, or a project, or a few hours to fill, the craft closet is there for them to raid and make use of! That closet has saved many a rainy day from falling into complete boredom and given that “extra something” to some of my husband’s presentations.

I am such a regular at the craft and hobby stores near me that the majority of the staff knows my name. Sometimes the employees will even put aside new scrapbooking supplies or children’s kits for me because they know I’ll be looking for it anyway. And I love going to these stores, I really do.

But another great place to find crafts, get craft items, and be the first to see what’s new is by attending craft shows. It’s a bunch of artisans, craft lovers, and suppliers all under one roof! Amazing, I know! You can explore all kinds of crafts and new products as well as meet new people who are just as enthusiastic about crafts as you (and I) are. There are shows for every type of fan – from Christmas crafts to jewellery to gardening. There are even wine and craft shows! How great is that?

Artists can showcase their talents, and you can purchase amazing, one-of-a-kind items for your friends and family. Or better yet, yourself or your home. I have found some great things at craft shows and it always feels good to support local talent. I also like picking their brains about techniques and supplies, too.

And, because there are so many talented crafters as well as crafting fans at craft shows, guess who else is there? Vendors. Sometimes they’ll unveil new products or do fun giveaways. Sometimes they’ll even pass out swag bags! I have gotten some great things at craft fairs from vendors: tools, tote bags, materials, exclusive tshirts, and samples. You know how sometimes a new product comes out and people have already reviewed it? Guess how they often get their hands on those items? CRAFT FAIRS! True story!

If you’re a great crafter and are interested in making it more than just a hobby, you can even be a vendor at one! It’s a great way to show off your talents and make some money off of doing something that you love. Most craft fairs will have vendor pricing and information on their website, so it might be worth checking out if you’re interested. If you are a vendor, let me know in the comments and which shows you will be attending so I can stop by and say hello!