Great Crafts, Great Friend, Great Time!

Not all my friends or family members share my love of crafts, but when someone shows interest, I go all out to expose them to the wonderful world of handmade projects. A crafting show is a great way to share one’s passion and show off the extent of creativity possible with a few simple materials and tools. There can be a fine line between personal crafts and professional-grade art, but I don’t care to make the distinction. Nor does the craft show. Some of the wares were simply amazing in terms of scale and workmanship. My friend tagged along but become more and more drawn to the process as we surveyed the booths and made our way down the long aisles.

There was only one downer about the entire experience. My friend, who can’t kick the habit, insisted on smoking in the car. She said she would have a nicotine fit if she had to wait two hours to get home. I agreed, but regretted it later when I smelled the car interior later that night. Yikes! The upholstery and carpeting simply reeked. It was a day of great crafts, great friends, and a great time; but the consequence was deadly. What was I to do?

I didn’t want to wait until the next day to take the car to the carwash and pay $15 or more. I think airing out the vehicle was a smart move, but there was a lingering odor some hours after. It was getting late and the corner store was closed so I couldn’t pick up a bottle of Febreze spray. I didn’t have any scented candles either. I had to get creative. As a crafter, I was used to thinking on the spot. I would make an air freshener from things in the kitchen. I finally found something to help after reading It reminded me that I had a bottle of lemon-scented essential oil which would be perfect for this job. Ages ago, I bought some at a craft fair to perk up my workroom after it started to smell like mold. (We had a lot of rain this year!).

I mixed the tiniest bit of the oil with some alcohol to dilute it. I pulled a eucalyptus leaf off the tree behind the house and tossed it in a plastic spray bottle that I use with water when I am ironing. I didn’t think a few chemicals would hurt it, or the fabric on the seats of my car. I gave the mixture a name—lemon delight, hoping the title would motivate it to perform to its optimum level. Cigarette smoke is tough as you can smell it for days on clothing, furniture, or hair. This had to work long enough for me to drive the car in the morning without gagging for air.

It worked fine, and after I told a friend, she went into all kinds of ecstasy about it and started to search the Internet for recipes. You can use any ground up plants instead of eucalyptus leaves, or vodka instead of alcohol. Vanilla extract is a nice scent or peppermint. Whatever you have on hand. I opened up a whole new world for her.